Our ability to guide corporations comes directly from our hands-on experience designing, building, selling, and recapturing products in the real world. The understanding of engineering specs and manufacturing details allows us to design products for a seamless rebirth – and design company-wide circularity strategies that remain practical throughout the supply chain. There is no path to net zero without circularity which is, in its simplest form, the reuse, recycling, and recovery of materials. With this in mind, we guide organisations using five interchangeable service categories.
Bespoke recycling strategy for decommissioned complex single-use toys for Burger King
Managing Material Lifecycles

We help businesses manage the materials they already own - assuring state of the art recycling and decommissioning across their entire materials/products portfolio.

Engineering Net Zero Products

We help our clients create bespoke consumer products, packaging and retail tools using a wide range of advanced bio-based, recycled, and re-recyclable materials, in order to achieve net zero ambitions.

Re-engineering the iconic 59Fifty from a multi-material to mono-material application for New Era
Repurposing single-use toys for new, circular expressions of play for Burger King
Designing Net Zero Consumer Behaviour

It’s not just the materials and products that make a business “circular” or on track to net zero - it’s also about shaping consumer behaviour and retail strategy, which we help define, pilot, and build.

Strategic Roadmaps and Communication

We build integrated strategies that give corporations a practical roadmap for weaving together individual initiatives, recapturing and unlocking financial value, and achieving publicly stated decadal net zero and sustainability goals.

HEY FASHION! digital platform for the Eileen Fisher Foundation. Photo by The Revival.
Bio-based future of fabric explorations for Esprit
Circularity Services

Our expertise in materials management makes us a one-stop-shop for corporations to solve their materials problems through real circular solutions instead of warehousing waste and spending on PR.

Selected Case Studies


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