Consumer expectations, growing legislative pressures and no shortage of good intentions have hyperfocused brands on the challenge of moving to truly sustainable and circular operations.
The Pentatonic platform is designed to optimize this transition from today – regardless of the starting point – and help brands take direct control of their sustainable potential and accelerate real change.
Our modular tools guide and empower an end-to-end shift from linear to circular operation, via pragmatic and practical changes across the supply chain, encompassing:
Decoding Legislation: Legislation Tracker
Legislation Decoding

Powered by AI and curated by experts, our Legislation Tracker provides real-time circularity legislation updates in context. The Tracker monitors Acts, Directives, Regulations and all other circular economy lawmaking updates from bodies across the globe. Democratizing understanding of game-changing circular economy legislation, the Legislation Tracker provides easy-to-grasp commentary and explanations to help brands adjust to the growing raft of (often existential-level) legal mandates. Designed to optimize circular economy decision-making, users can search and filter rolling updates and get instant answers through an interactive chat function.

Transformation Strategy

Build and curate new circular economy initiatives using the Transformation Strategy module, as well as integrate and streamline existing workstreams. Keep teams engaged, aligned and on schedule. Our secure and intuitive cloud-based management system fosters effortless collaboration across business functions and expertise domains, as well as with external partners. Upload, organize and share essential documents among project teams for efficient communication. Manage timelines and establish check-ins, milestones and deliverables with a single click. Exercise comprehensive management functions and visibility across multiple projects, products, and brands to scale your impact.

Transformation Strategy: HEY FASHION! white paper into Fashion's Waste Crisis with Eileen Fisher
Product and Packaging Design: Starbucks 'Bean’ Chair
Product and Packaging Design and Engineering

Bring groundbreaking new concepts to life with our Product Design functionality. Seamlessly import CAD files into the Pentatonic platform to visualize designs in a new, interactive light to enrich the creative process. Toggle instant circularity analysis for actionable material, design and engineering recommendations to boost sustainability. Get information on virgin and single-use material alternatives to optimize specification choices. Ensure products and concepts are tailored for reuse and take-back models to enhance lifespan and resource efficiency.

Material Strategy and Sourcing

True circularity begins with sustainable material choices. Our Material Sourcing module empowers your engineers and designers with access to an extensive verified supplier network. Optimize material specifications for your products and concepts and select from thousands of sustainable options across several categories - from post-consumer recycled to bio-based. Order samples for testing and verification at the touch of a button and get instant quotes from suppliers to streamline your procurement process.

Material Strategy and Sourcing: Materials Library
Decommissioning and Takeback: Burger King 'Meltdown'
Decommissioning and Takeback

Taking a sustainable approach to material selection and design infuses end-of-life scenarios with new brand opportunities. Our Decommissioning module empowers efficient product and packaging take-back initiatives to maintain disposal control and ease the environmental burden. The tool also includes an extensive global end-of-life services database, to help find exactly the right provider to meet project needs: from logistics and handling to returns and damaged goods. Dashboard functionality allows managers to track environmental impact across the supply chain for effortless performance reporting and transparency.


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