Leading the world into the circular economy.

Pentatonic is a climate tech company that’s been driving circularity transformation for Global Fortune 500 brands since 2018. Our proprietary digital tools augment a skilled multidisciplinary team of experts focused on accelerating the circular economy shift at scale.
Drawn from a diverse range of technical and commercial specialisms, our people are experts in material science, engineering, supply chain, industrial design, manufacturing, business and operations, marketing, branding, and consumer behavior.
Each project team is carefully assembled to navigate specific sustainability challenges and maintain a personal approach, underpinned and enhanced by our leading-edge platform. Our mission is to scale circularity for the world’s leading brands, because their activities impact Earth the most.

We blend expert consultancy with digital tools to supercharge circularity for the world’s largest brands

There is no single route to circularity. We help our customers navigate new complexities and rethink fundamentals: bridging the gap between intention and impact.
Although each has its own set of challenges, our customers are often dealing with similar pressures: systemic change, informed consumers seeking sustainable offerings, a growing raft of complex environmental legislation, as well as their own public net zero and ESG commitments.  
Much of our work is guided by the fact that careful material lifecycle management can address 70% of carbon emissions.
Every brand has different circularity roadblocks to overcome. For example, some turn to us to source or engineer sustainable, bio-based materials, or optimize their pragmatic legacy choices for improved durability and recyclability.
Others ask us to design low-impact products or refillable packaging – as well as accompanying operational models. It might require better connecting decommissioning to the value chain, perhaps via takeback schemes.
Some brands also work with us to understand how to engage and incentivize the consumer as an active participant, not an afterthought.

We’re focused on accelerating the transition to the circular economy, achieving impact by transforming how consumer-facing corporations operate at scale.

Leadership Team


Johann Bödecker

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

With over a decade of experience designing and manufacturing cutting-edge sustainable technologies for consumer markets, Johann has risen to become a recognized leader in the global movement toward a circular economy. Johann co-founded Pentatonic with the aim of moving circularity from theory into tangible and profitable reality, by bringing together hard science and impeccable design. Johann brings a wealth of direct experience in circular supply chains, having built products and manufacturing technologies with factories from Asia to the UK. Fluent in German, English and Mandarin, Johann is a published molecular science author, and a frequent speaker and advisor on the circular economy. A collaborative, driven, and performance-focused leader, he runs business, team, and organizational development from Pentatonic’s head office in Berlin.


Jamie Hall

Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer

An experienced marketeer, for 20 years Jamie worked across senior leadership roles at prestigious brands including Nike and Levi’s, running teams of 60+ and shaping marketing, commercial, digital and retail strategies around the globe. Realizing that transitioning major corporates to circularity requires a highly specialized blend of skills that they desperately need but almost universally lack in-house, Jamie left Nike to co-found Pentatonic with the goal of radically accelerating the transition to a zero-carbon, zero-waste future. As Chief Brand Officer, he oversees all consumer-facing design, brand and communications functions. Having been involved with thousands of product launches in his career, Jamie is a masterful communicator who speaks sustainability in the language of the world’s largest brands. Jamie leads Pentatonic’s London office.


Philip Mossop

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Philip Mossop is an award-winning entrepreneur, visionary and trendsetter in the world of sustainability. At 19, he founded one of the UK’s first digitally-powered, country-wide recycling companies, running over a million collections per year. More than 20 years later, he is now a proven serial entrepreneur and an expert at creating and building exiting environmental businesses across waste, recycling, energy management and carbon monitoring. Through his intimate knowledge of forward and reverse logistics and digital supply-chain management, Philip brings an essential skillset for closing the loop on circular business models. As COO, Philip is leading the buildout of Pentatonic’s Platform and manages operations in logistics, supply chain, IT, and external commercial relationships. Based outside London, he also oversees Pentatonic’s client projects in the USA.


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